The Experimental biomedical medicines plant (EBMP) was founded in 1987 as a structural division of Russian State Cardiological scientific & production complex.

The idea of combining all-in-one the Clinic (Institute of clinical cardiology), the Science (Institute of experimental cardiology) and the pharmaceuticals Production (EBMP) belongs to the founder of the Complex, academician and Nobel peace prize winner Yevgeny Ivanovich Chasov.



Time has proved the synergies from the interaction and complementarity between these three functionals, united on the basis of the state enterprises of the Russian Ministry of health.

Already in 1990, EBMP gave practical results in conducting pilot, experimental and technological work of Cardiological complex.

Originally EBMP is specialized in the production of liquid dosage forms in ampoules and vials, including lyophilized forms.

Today EBMP produces unique medical products «from scratch» created within the walls of the Cardiology: Purolaza, Refralon, Gemaza.

In addition to the unique innovative products EBMP manufactures high quality generic products Aperomid, Dalargin, Dinisorb, Karnitine chloride.

On a contract basis with established partners EBMP produces such medicines as Allokin alpha, Azisol, Glutoxim, Dobutamine-MR, Neovir, Molicsane and others.

EBMP equipped with highly efficient modern equipment such as Uhlmann, Bosch, Edwards, Finn-Agua, Glatt, Manesty, Siemens, CAM, Tofflon, which allows to produce up to 30 million ampoules and to 7 mln vials of medicines per year.

A special place in EBMP is a Service quality control (SQC), including control-analytical and microbiological laboratories. The laboratories are equipped with modern analytical instruments and equipment of well-known companies: Hewlett Packard, Beckman, Shimadzu, Sartorius, Radiometer, Perkin, Elmer, Erweka, etc., which allow to control the quality of medicines in accordance with modern requirements of the State Pharmacopoeia of Russia and the leading pharmaceutical counties Pharmacopoeias.

Since 2000 EBMP is certified for compliance with the requirements of the international quality standard ISO 3001-94 and the Russian standard of quality system GOST R ISO 9001-96.

At present EBMP continues to actively cooperate with scientists of Cardiological complex developing new medicines, which have no analogues in the world – Oxacom (nitric oxide formula), Neuropeptide FF, Ingramon, Corvian, Plasmin, Yupicor, Methylin, etc.

A comprehensive reconstruction process has been launched at EBMP which will allow in the near future to meet the company stringent international requirements of good manufacturing practice (GMP).

As of December 2016:

— the company employs 119 people, more than half of whom have work experience in EBMP 10 years or more;

— the plant has not received any complaints about the quality from the market.

For the production of high quality, affordable and socially-significant products the company team has been recognized by various domestic and international awards.

Adress: 15a, 3rd Cherepkovskaya street, Moscow, Russia, 121552

Tel: +7-495-414-61-95

E-Mail: info@cardiopharma.ru